Best Stillio Alternatives in 2021 (Prices and Features)

Last updated on April 11, 2021

Ok, so you're in the market for website archiving software and stumbled upon Stillio. You think "Hmm, this looks pretty neat. Lemme just see if there are any alternatives" and end up on Capterra. You scroll around for a bit and think "Ok cool, I've done my due diligence" add now you've ended up here.

The thing is, the software listed as alternatives to Stillio Capterra are not really alternatives. They're mostly services geared towards enterprise-level archiving for compliance. How do I know this? Because I'm building my own Stillio competitor and I have a good understanding of the web archiving space. Below is a curated list of Stillio alternatives based on my research. 

What is Stillio?

Stillio is software for automatically capturing website screenshots at regular intervals. Stillio makes it easy for you to archive web pages. You can archive important web pages, keep records for regulatory compliance, track competitors, improve SEO ranking insights, verify ads, monitor copyright infringements, track trends, and capture your online digital heritage.

Stillio being used to monitor SERP

Who is Stillio for?

Stillio is for anyone who is looking to automate the capturing screenshots of webpages. Some use cases include:
  • Brand Management
  • SEO Tracking
  • Competition Tracking
  • Trend Tracking
  • Website Compliance
  • Content Verification

How much does Stillio cost?

Stillio is a Software as a service (SaaS) which means you pay monthly to use the platform. Stillio ranges from $20.00 to $299.00 per month depending upon the features.  For example, the cheapest plan limits the number of web pages you can archive to 5, whereas the most expensive plan poses no limit.
Below are all the features affected by the plan:
  • The number of unique pages you can track.
  • The frequency in which screenshots are captured (daily, weekly, monthly, or every 5 minutes)
  • The number of applications (Dropbox, Google Drive) that you can simultaneously sync to.

What are some of Stillio's features?

At its core, Stillio is an automated screenshot scheduling software. You simply give it a URL, and Stillio will take a screenshot of that webpage based on the schedule you provide. Below are some additional features:
  • Receive an email containing new screenshots as soon as these are taken to easily stay informed.
  • Save to services like Google Drive and Dropbox.
  • Set Screenshot width and height.
  • Set server location in order to take screenshots from GEO-IP locations

Anything else I should know about Stillio?

The most important thing to know about Stillio is that all plans include 36 months of screenshot retention. This means that you could risk losing screenshots older than 36 months unless you are manually downloading monthly zip archives to store screenshots indefinitely.

Also, Stillio is only concerned with capturing screenshots. Stillio does not capture the page source code, nor does it monitor DNS records. If either of these features is important to you, you might want to consider using My Site Archive instead.

Best Stillio Alternatives provides real-time screenshots of websites. They are the only website snapshot generator to stream screenshots as soon as you request them. Homepage

What makes a good alternative to Stillio? provides an API for generating website screenshots. This means that you have a lot more flexibility with when and how you generate screenshots. For example, you're not limited to Stillio's screenshot interval frequency nor their height and width. In fact, you could use to build your own website screenshot archiving software. Price and Features

  • Price
    • $1.00 to $20.00 per month (minimum)
  • Best For
    • Developers who want to work with an API to generate screenshots of webpages.
  • Notes
    • Animated renderings.
    • Screenshot rendering contains branding on the cheapest plan.


URL2PNG allows you to capture snapshots of any website, right in your app, quickly and reliably.

URL2PNG Homepage

What makes URL2PNG a good alternative to Stillio?

Just like, URL2PNG is also an API for generating website screenshots. What makes it a good alternative to Stillio is that it doesn't limit the number of websites you can screenshot. Instead, it limits the number of unique screenshots you can take per month (anywhere from 5,000 to 50,000 per month depending on the plan). 

URL2PNG Price and Features

  • Price
    • $29.00 to $199.00 per month (plus overages)
  • Best For
    • Developers who want to work with an API to generate screenshots of web pages.
  • Notes
    • Requests are rendered in real-time.
    • There is a limit to how many screenshots you can take per month.


Thumbalizr allows you to screenshot any website and easily embed those screenshots through their API.

Thumbalizr Homepage

What makes Thumbalizr a good alternative to Stillio?

What makes Thumbalizr a good alternative to Stillio is that they offer a free plan. If you just need to capture a handful of screenshots per month, then Thumbalizr might be right for you. Even their paid plans are less expensive when compared to Stillio. Just note that Thumbalizr offers fewer features, most notably the inability to take fullscreen screenshots.

Thumbalizr Price and Features

  • Price
    • Free to $86.00 per month
  • Best For
    • Developers who want to work with an API to generate screenshots of webpages.
  • Notes
    • Offers a free plan with limitations.
    • Provides libraries to integrate with frameworks like Ruby on Rails.


ShrinkTheWeb helps you capture, crop, shrink, save, upload, and display them, automatically, with a screenshot plugin or single line of code.

ShrinkTheWeb Homepage

What makes ShrinkTheWeb a good alternative to Stillio?

Just like Thumbalizr, ShrinkTheWeb also offers a free tier as well as several affordable paid plans when compared to Stillio. This makes them an attractive alternative to anyone who doesn't need a lot of functionality and is simply looking to generate screenshots. ShrinTheWeb also integrates with popular content management systems such as WordPress and Drupal.

ShrinkTheWeb Price and Features

  • Price
    • Free to $9.95 per month (à la carte features like converting the page to a PDF are extra.)
  • Best For
    • Anyone running CMS like WordPress or Drupal. 
  • Notes
    • You need to purchase an à la carte feature to take a screenshot of interior pages. 
    • Integrates with WordPress and Drupal.

What should I consider when choosing website archiving software?

Although Stillio offers many features, it may not be the perfect solution for your archiving needs. Chances are that if you're investing in website screenshot software, you probably need more features than an automatic screenshot capture. My Site Archive not only generates screenshots of websites but also captures the source code and monitors DNS records. If you want to see all that My Site Archive has to offer, checkout out the features or FAQs or reach out directly to me at [email protected]. You can always sign up today for a 30-day free trial. No credit card required.

Interested in archiving your website?

My Site Archive captures screenshots, downloads source code, and monitors DNS records helping you keep track of changes on your websites without needing to restore from a backup. Think of it like the Wayback Machine on steroids.

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